Introducing SystemdGenie

I would like to introduce my new application SystemdGenie. Some of you may be familiar with systemd-kcm, a KCM module I wrote for managing systemd. SystemdGenie is basically systemd-kcm transformed into a proper application. The KCM module format wasn’t really suitable anymore since systemd-kcm had evolved into more than just a simple “settings” utility. Moving to a proper application enabled e.g. having menus and toolbars, but also necessitated a new name.



Currently, SystemdGenie has mostly the same functionality as systemd-kcm. It allows graphical management of systemd units including user units. Control of logind sessions is also provided.

Unit files can be easily edited using a simple integrated text editor, which can be accessed from the context or Unit menu.


The main configuration files of systemd, i.e. those residing in /etc/systemd, can also be viewed and edited in the “Config Files” tab. In contrast to systemd-kcm, these files are now edited with the integrated text editor instead of a GUI with validation etc. The old GUI was dropped as it was constantly outdated due the available options and their possible values changing with almost every systemd release.


How to get it

The first development release (version 0.99.0) was released today and the source can be downloaded here. The git repository is found here. Please provide feedback and report any bugs or wishes at KDE’s bugzilla.